Welcome to Time Navigators!

Welcome to Time Navigators, your on-line resource for adventures in time, space and math.

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    The TimeNavigators website is dedicated to the development and promotion of resources leading young minds to have a fascination with and an understanding of the means of tracking and marking time.
   The navigation of time begins with an understanding of some of the key elements of astronomy and math. The sciences of time measurement (horology) and the stars (astronomy) grew up together like twins. The development of mathematics provided the underpinnings needed for an increasingly accurate tracking of time.
    In addition to clocks and calendars, this website talks about games designed to help young Time Navigators master the arts of addition, counting and multiplication.
    Though the reading of clock dials by pre-schoolers can be taught mostly as a matter vocabulary (learning the names of the parts of a clock dial … like “one,” “two,” “three”), such learning is a gateway to mastering counting and the higher arts of addition and then multiplication.
    To date (July 2013), TimeNavigators’ has been the effort of a single author (Joseph Finch) to develop resources to support pre-school and elementary students’ needs in understanding time, math and some “gateway” aspects of astronomy.
    The hopes of this site are that it will …
  • Provide constructive feedback from/to a community of resource developers on what works and doesn’t work with new educational resources and to offer  suggestions for carrying those ideas further.
  • Offer a platform for dissemination of educational resources to the world at large for those who have ideas that are slated to enter the Public Domain.
  • Build a network of interested inventors, parents and teachers to help them support one another in their endeavors.

The calendar wheel artwork in the figure above is Copyright Joseph Finch, 2013. Please see “Handling of Copyright Material” elsewhere in this blog for permissions and restrictions on the use of this copyrighted material.