Handling of Copyright Materials


The following  comments on Intellectual Property (IP) protection should NOT be construed as competent legal advice.

The following comments are only a layman’s understanding of the protections provided by certain legal declarations, as applied to new educational materials  under development.

Readers and contributors to this site will want to balance the sharing of their educational ideas for the general good vs. retaining some control over the value of their ideas for the good of their families. If you are concerned about protecting your IP, you should seek the legal advice of a competent attorney.

As far as my copyrighted material is concerned (Joseph Finch talking), I would encourage others interested in  teaching concepts of time to explore the ideas posted here and to copy and use copyrighted materials in the spirit of copyright law …

Only in small quantities … (a dozen or less)

Only for personal, non-commercial use …

Constructive feedback is always welcome.

If anyone finds a way to profit from any IP herein, the owners of any IP posted here should be glad to entertain all reasonable offers.


Many of the images and much of the text on this site are someone’s intellectual property.

Any IP  (images or text) that site contributors wish to protect should be clearly marked so that readers and contributors can be clear on which contents of this site are available for general use and which are restricted.

By way of example: In the case of material provided to this site by Joseph Finch, any IP will be marked as follows: “© Joseph Finch, 2012 [or later].”

Under the terms of his copyright, Finch gives visitors to this site permission to make a few copies of Finch’s copyrighted text /images for “personal use. To make more than 12 copies in a year, please request written permission from Joseph Finch.



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